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Choosing your freelance writing niche

How to choose your freelance writing niche

With enough practice, writers can find subjects they are highly-skilled at, while also enjoying the freelance writing niche they pursue. Here’s how.

Ivy league schools Harvard

What are Ivy League schools?

As they are some of the most prolific schools in the world, let’s learn more about Ivy League schools, what they are, and what you can study there.

Rule of Thirds in Photography

What is the Rule of Thirds in photography?

To make your pictures pop, follow the simple, yet intuitive rule of thirds in photography for sharper images.

What is Narrative Writing?

What is narrative writing?

Learn more about the skill of storytelling, its importance, and how narrative writing is used.

motivation to study

How to boost your motivation to study online

With a world of distractions at your fingertips, read on to find some best practices to find motivation to study online.