Build a Lucrative Copywriting Portfolio With Ease

Tamsin Henderson on Udemy

Do you dream of being a copywriter? Do you need a portfolio ASAP? Then this course is for you! All you need is a basic grasp of the copywriting fundamentals and you could get started today.

About this course

  • How to quickly fill your portfolio even if you have ZERO on-the-job experience
  • Pro pitch tips (and my personal TEMPLATE) for landing your first gig
  • A FREE and easy way to present your work — NO WEBSITE REQUIRED!
  • The lesser known (but reliable) path to high quality clients
  • Why being a total newbie is no obstacle to landing well paid jobs
  • How even beginners can demonstrate a rich variety of copywriting skills
  • How to turn professional with a body of credible work
Short Course
Experience Level
1 hour