Logo Design For Beginners

Jeremy Mura on Skillshare

Learn the most fundamental graphic design skill: creating a logo. Understand the design principles of logos, learn how to generate an idea and the process of creating a logo using Adobe Illustrator.

About this course

Logo design is one of the most common skills you need in the graphic design industry. A logo is the first impression of any brand and it needs to look professional to build brand awareness.

In this class you’ll learn tips and design principles that will help you design a effective logo. You will go through the design process of creating different types of logos as well as seeing the tools and thinking methods. Knowing the right tips will improve your graphic design workflow and overall give you a nice portfolio to attract work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Logo Design¬†Principles
  • Design Process Of Creating A Logomark
  • Styles & Types Of Logos
  • Idea Generation
  • Adobe Illustrator Workflow
  • Logo Design Tips & Tricks
Short Course
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1h 30m
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