Student Life

How spaced repetition works

How the spaced repetition system improves your retention

Learn the science of spaced repetition and how you can use it to improve your learning and retention.

The Feynman Technique

What is the Feynman Technique?

The Feynman Technique is a learning method that was developed by the physicist Richard Feynman. But how does it work?

How to balance studying and working

How to balance studying and working

Online courses have made it easier than ever to balance studying and working, but you still need to plan ahead. We’ll show you how.

How to improve your study habits

11 ways to improve your study habits

We all know that studying is important, but it can be hard to motivate yourself to do it. So how do you improve your study habits?

How flashcards help learning

How flashcards help learning and retention

Even with all the technology we have at our fingertips, it’s been proven that flashcards help learning and retention better than any other technique.

Smart goals with examples

How to set SMART goals (with examples)

If you want to achieve something, setting SMART goals is a proven way to maximise your chances of success.

Ivy league schools Harvard

What are Ivy League schools?

As they are some of the most prolific schools in the world, let’s learn more about Ivy League schools, what they are, and what you can study there.

Does overlearning actually work?

Can overlearning lock in your hard-earned skills?

Studies say that overlearning can help students memorize complex activities, but does it actually work?

How to focus when studying

How to maintain your focus when studying

Studying is critical to your academic success, and yet it’s notoriously difficult to do efficiently. Learn how to build and maintain focus when studying.

motivation to study

How to boost your motivation to study online

With a world of distractions at your fingertips, read on to find some best practices to find motivation to study online.