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Xero courses

Accounting With Xero: A Beginner’s Guide

Xero & The Career Academy on FutureLearn

Get familiar with Xero accounting software, building your confidence in managing clients and carrying out everyday tasks.

Short Course
16 hours

Discover human resources management theory and practice, and learn how HR policies and strategies differ around the world.

Short Course
2 weeks
University of Virginia Online Courses

Marketing Analytics

Learn the basics of marketing analytics and understand how to use data to ensure your marketing is effective.

Short Course
5 weeks
The Excel Club on FutureLearn

From Excel charts to effective dashboards, develop the skills to aid business decisions, track KPIs, and reveal data insights.

Pro. Certificate
12 weeks

Explore the fundamentals of Web3 and discover how its emerging digital technologies are transforming business.

Short Course
6 weeks
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