Business & Management Courses

You used to be able to run a business with little more than hard work and a few good ideas. Those days are gone. Now, we need to think smarter, not harder.
Good management has never been more important to a business’ success, whether it’s a mom and pop store or a multinational chain.
But great managers don’t come out of nowhere. They learn how to organize, analyze and plan. They’re skills you can acquire, too.
How? With these online business & management courses from the likes of Harvard, Cornell and Udemy, you can learn from the best and brightest.
Whether you’re going into business management consulting or working for your own company, these courses will set you up for success.


Domestika online courses

Intellectual Property for Creative Entrepreneurs

Erica Wolfe-Murray, IP Specialist on Domestika

Learn to manage and leverage your intellectual property assets by exploring copyright, trademarks, design rights, and patents.

Short Course
(Discounts available)
Institute for Leadership Excellence on Udemy

Learn how to develop people, lead teams and improve processes, and get a Green Belt certification by the Institute for Leadership Excellence.

Short Course
11h 4m
(Discounts available)
University of Virginia Online Courses

Pricing Strategy Optimization

University of Virginia / Boston Consulting Group on Coursera

Setting the right prices is crucial to business success — but pricing is notoriously tricky. This course will teach you how to price correctly for your market, positioning, and profit margin.

Short Course
4 months

This MBA in Artificial Intelligence cultivates the insight required to comprehend, navigate and utilize the flourishing overlap between business and technology, with an ethical, socially conscious approach, which is integral to responsible leadership.

2 years
Baiju Jacob on Udemy

Comprehensive fundamentals of Blockchain technology, including features, frameworks and use cases, like NFT, Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Short Course
2 hours
(Discounts available)
Udemy online courses

Introduction to Blockchain with Industry Applications

Kirill Eremenko on Udemy

Blockchain isn’t just for cryptocurrency. It can streamline supply chains, verify records and identities, promote health and safety, and more. Learn how to apply it in your industry.

Short Course
2.5 hours
(Discounts available)
University of Leeds on FutureLearn

Learn how to work effectively and collaboratively with your team as you navigate remote working with the University of Leeds.

Short Course
2 weeks
University of Adelaide on edX

In this project management certificate, you’ll develop core knowledge and skills, understand how risk management works, and how to communicate with stakeholders.

Pro. Certificate
3 months

Grow your leadership competence by taking this course and establish your personal way of leading. Gain an understanding of your personal drivers and combine them with different leadership approaches.

Short Course
4 weeks
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