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Hubspot Academy on Coursera

No matter where you are in your sales career, this specialization with a focus on revenue operations and sales enablement will take it to the next level.

Short Course
3 months
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Pricing Strategy Optimization

University of Virginia / Boston Consulting Group on Coursera

Setting the right prices is crucial to business success — but pricing is notoriously tricky. This course will teach you how to price correctly for your market, positioning, and profit margin.

Short Course
4 months

This course has been created to deepen an understanding of machine-learning methods from a data-driven perspective, ideal to propel a career in engineering or data science forwards through analysis and hands-on application.

Master's Degree
24 months

Generating an essential understanding of emerging technologies, this program aims to enable an organization’s optimal usage of data through analysis and application, greatly improving overall performance through practical and theoretical study.

Master's Degree
2 years
Bachelor's Degree
3 - 6 years
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