Data Analysis with Excel for Complete Beginners

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Learn data analysis from scratch, including an introduction to essential maths and Microsoft Excel. Accredited by Microsoft.

About this course

Data analysis skills are in increasing demand across a huge range of industries, but if maths is not your strong suit, it can be a daunting thing to learn. This ExpertTrack has been designed with exactly that in mind. It is a complete beginner’s guide to the subject, covering the basics of data analytics, maths, and Excel fundamentals to refresh your memory and build your confidence in these areas.

You’ll explore:

  • data in life and society
  • ways to build your data literacy
  • data analysis methods
  • how to create tables and pivot tables in Excel
  • how to create data visualisations in Excel
  • the maths behind data analysis
  • how to apply basic inferential maths to your data sets.


Pro. Certificate
Experience Level
10 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really 100% online?

This course is completely online, so you can study from anywhere! All you’ll need is a device with an internet connection, such as a computer or a smartphone. If the course has any live, instructor-led sessions, you may need a microphone and possibly a webcam to fully participate. The instructor will make you aware of this beforehand.