Excel for the Real World: Gain the Basic Skills of Microsoft Excel

Al Chen on Skillshare

The first of a 3-part series of Excel short courses, covering everything from basic functions and interface to shortcuts and data visualisation.

About this course

In this course will learn to navigate your way through all necessary functions of the software, understand practical applications, and gain the confidence to use it for your information needs.

What you’ll learn

  • Using the Ribbon. Use the Ribbon to your advantage by clicking on different buttons and customizing the ribbon to fit your needs.
  • Structuring Your Workbook. We’ll cover cells in a worksheet and how worksheets fit into a workbook.
  • Formatting. Get a little artsy in Excel!
  • Selecting Data. Select the data and smartly “autofill” data.
  • Writing Formulas. Write basic formulas and do a deep dive on the popular VLOOKUP formula.
  • Listing and Sorting. Organize your data so that it’s easier to analyze.
  • Using Paste Special. We will see how the Paste Special menu lets you do things above and beyond copy-and-paste.

Part 2: Excel for the Real World II: Double Your Excel Speed with Keyboard Shortcuts

Part 3: Excel for the Real World III: Create a Data-Driven Presentation from Excel to PowerPoint

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1 hr
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