Google Analytics for Beginners

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Gain the knowledge and hands-on practice to transform your website into a lead-generating, sales-making machine with Google Analytics, the industry-leading web analytics tool.

About this course

Google Analytics is a fundamental tool to monitor and measure the success of your website. This Google Analytics for Beginners course will equip you with the knowledge and hands-on practice needed to transform your website into a lead-generating, sales-making machine.

Here are some examples of things you’ll learn in Google Analytics for Beginners:

  • How to quickly and properly configure Google Analytics to reap the rewards of accurate data.
  • How to set up tracking goals to understand your conversions.
  • A very simple SEO strategy to know which key phrases to focus on, and which ones are a waste of time.
  • Why your current data might be wrong, and a quick simple fix to solve it.
  • How to navigate this endless realm of reports and crush the overwhelm.
  • Why potential customers immediately bolt for the exit on your web site.
  • How to look at the information visually if you’re not a numbers person.
  • What’s really driving sales or leads to your business, and what’s just wasting your time and money!
  • How to ‘spy’ on your prospects and see what’s working with them on your site.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy.
  • What the search engines really think your business is about and how to fix it.

Google Analytics for Beginners

After you finished this Google Analytics for Beginners course, you will be able to improve your own website and start getting results!

You could even start a successful career in Business Analytics or Data Analytics. There are thousands of companies who need skilled Google Analytics users, and you could earn up to $91k per year in a Web Analyst job.

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