Leadership and Communication Professional Certificate

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Develop your leadership and communication abilities and learn new techniques in this professional certification from Harvard Business School.

About this course

In the Leadership and Communication Professional Certificate from Harvard, you’ll learn:

  • How to build and renew trusting relationships by following principles of leadership development and effective communication techniques.
  • How to implement personal strategies for leadership development to survive and thrive amidst change.
  • How effective communication can lead to communal and societal good.
  • How to understand the role of formal and informal authority and maintain effective interpersonal communication skills in both.
  • When and how to employ a variety of communication styles in writing and speaking.
  • How to craft compelling presentations and persuade an audience.

How leadership and communication are related

Leaders use communication to convey their vision and to motivate and guide their team towards a common goal. They also use communication to build trust, foster teamwork and resolve conflicts within the team.

In order to be an effective leader, it is important to be able to communicate clearly and effectively, both through verbal and written communication. This includes being able to listen actively, give feedback, and tailor messages to different audiences.

Additionally, good leaders are adaptable and can use a range of communication styles and strategies to achieve their goals and meet the needs of their team.



Pro. Certificate
Experience Level
3 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really 100% online?

This course is completely online, so you can study from anywhere! All you’ll need is a device with an internet connection, such as a computer or a smartphone. If the course has any live, instructor-led sessions, you may need a microphone and possibly a webcam to fully participate. The instructor will make you aware of this beforehand.