Creative Arts

Choosing the right design and illustration software

Which design and illustration software should you be using?

Learn about the most popular design and illustration software available, and how to choose the right ones for your projects.

How to get freelance writing jobs

How to get freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing can be a fulfilling career, but how do you get freelance writing jobs? We’ve compiled a guide to help.

APA writing style and citation formats

Writing and citation formats: APA, MLA, CMS & Harvard

When writing your next paper, you may need to choose between citation formats and adopt one. But what are they, and how should you choose one?

Ways to improve your writing skills

How to improve your writing skills

From tweets to covering letters, we write a lot every day. So how do you improve your writing skills? Find out in our guide.

How to get past writer's block

How to get past writer’s block: 12 tactics

Struggling to put pen to paper? In this guide, we show you how to get past writer’s block once and for all, whether you’re writing a book or an essay.

Is writing better than typing?

Is writing better than typing? Science says yes

Keyboards have become our default method of capturing information, so why does science say that writing is better than typing?

Shorthand writing

Is shorthand writing still worth learning?

If you regularly take hand-written notes, shorthand writing can be a lifesaver. Discover the history of shorthand, and how to learn this ancient skill.

Rule of Thirds in Photography

What is the Rule of Thirds in photography?

To make your pictures pop, follow the simple, yet intuitive rule of thirds in photography for sharper images.

Why writing is important

7 reasons why writing is important

Have you ever wondered why writing is important? This guide will explain how it can improve your mental health, your career prospects and much more.

What is Narrative Writing?

What is narrative writing?

Learn more about the skill of storytelling, its importance, and how narrative writing is used.

Invention of Photography

The invention of photography: Documenting the human experience

From its humble beginnings in the Renaissance to its foothold in modern art, we take a look at the invention of photography and its rapid evolution.

Four Writing Styles

4 writing styles for any project

Learn about the main writing styles: expository, descriptive, persuasive and narrative, what they look like, and how to use them yourself.