More than ever, clients across the world are looking for talented writers to join their teams. Freelance writing is rapidly becoming a viable long-term career choice for writers. Getting started comes with challenges, but with patience and a bit of perseverance, you can make a successful career out of freelance writing.

To maximize your freelance prospects, you should choose to specialize in certain subjects or skills. The more skilled you are at writing about specific topics, the more you can profit from your work. 

These areas of expertise are called niches. In most freelance writer gigs, clients look for skilled writers in specific niches.

What is a niche?

By definition, a niche is a specialized segment of the market for a specific product or service. The opportunities in freelance writing are plentiful. A freelance writing niche is often a particular subject in which a writer is highly-skilled.

Freelance writing niches aren’t necessarily just subjects either. Freelance writing gigs often ask for a specific type of content. If you’re still asking yourself, what is a niche? Let’s discuss some examples below.

Examples of freelance writing niches

Technical writing

Technical writing is a great example of a sought-after, profitable niche, and why good writing is important in life. Technical writers break down complex subjects like computer hardware and software, chemistry, engineering, and more. 

Often, this is a skill that takes some time to perfect. Websites like Skillshare and many universities around the country offer courses in technical writing. While you may luck out and find a free class somewhere, technical writing classes often come with a price tag.

However, investing both time and money into a technical writing class is a great move for any writer. Technical writing truly is a great skill to have as a writer, and certainly a great freelance writing niche to insert yourself into.

Writers in this niche might write instruction manuals, blog posts about technology, and other subjects. Technical writing is a well-paid freelance writing niche and worth investing the time to practice.

Futurelearn courses

AI for Healthcare: Equipping the Workforce for Digital Transformation

University of Manchester + NHS on FutureLearn

Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare and how it can be used to support change in the healthcare workforce. Developed by the NHS.

AI for Healthcare: Equipping the Workforce for Digital Transformation

University of Manchester + NHS on FutureLearn

Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare and how it can be used to support change in the healthcare workforce. Developed by the NHS.

Short Course
5 weeks


With the rapid expansion of technology, visual and digital media demands are soaring. People who want to produce visual content for the web seek out video scriptwriters. Whether you write for YouTube videos or advertisements, there is plenty of opportunity in this niche.

Freelance writers in this niche specialize in writing content that is easy to read, communicative and clear. Moreover, freelance scriptwriters have to produce content that actors can easily deliver to an audience.

Like technical writing, there are many classes available from universities and independent websites that teach you the basics. Of these freelance writing niches, scriptwriting often involves options to be creative and flesh out your ideas.

At first, you may spend most of your time writing for radio or other brief advertisements. But, in time, you can flex your creative muscles and move to write for TV and other forms of media. 


Whether it’s for a slogan or a company’s About Us page, copywriting is a great freelance writing niche with plenty of freelance writing opportunities. In some cases, the quality of your copywriting can lead to full-time employment and other opportunities.

Moreover, copywriters are in high demand. Brands and companies alike need fresh copy for websites, advertisements, newsletters, and more. This freelance writing niche offers plenty of flexibility in the type of content you may be writing.

Whether it’s for a clothing brand or an online service, every company benefits from good copywriters. What writers in this freelance niche do is create content that promotes a product, company or service.

Furthermore, good copywriting is found on company websites, blogs and more. Copywriters work to use language in a way to paint a positive image of a brand or company to potential consumers or business partners. Therefore, there are endless opportunities for the kind of copywriting freelance writers might do.

If you want to develop your copywriting skills, then online copywriting courses can teach you the basics of writing persuasive headlines, engaging body copy, and effective calls-to-action.

Academic writing

For this next niche, we’re heading back to the classroom. Well, sort of. On freelance websites like Fiverr and UpWork, you may see clients looking for writers to help with essays or academic journals.

Scholars and academics may need some help formulating their thoughts and research. Scholars may need a thesis or an article in an academic journal written. With your help and their research, this is a great option for a freelance writing niche that pays well.

However, there’s a pretty good chance your name may not show up on the final project. In academic writing, and sometimes creative writing, clients look specifically for ghostwriters. This term refers to the author of a work that is not mentioned, with another person as its author.

With academic writing, your clients may have you write the entire piece, or they may want to have a hands-on approach to the project. Whichever the case, academic writing is a great freelance writing niche for those who enjoy long-form educational content.

Case studies and white papers

Other examples we’ll discuss are white papers and case studies. They involve a lot of attention to detail but pay well for freelance writers seeking to get into this niche. White papers are in-depth reports that concisely inform readers on a particular issue, so writers in this niche are confident, informative, and meticulous.

Case studies are in-depth examinations of a particular subject and range from documenting certain medical treatments to the business analysis of a firm’s strategy. Often, companies will publish their own case studies to highlight work they’ve done with solid data that supports them.

Conversely, white papers focus on a single complex issue, with supportive evidence and philosophy on the subject. White papers then describe or present a potential solution to the issue they proposed. 

Clients, like for case studies, may have you write the entire report. Regardless, this is a freelance writing niche that clients pay well for. Ultimately, these reports represent the company on a quantitative basis. 

If you’re the type of writer that enjoys analytical writing and data, this freelance writing niche is right up your alley.

Travel blogging

Unfortunately, a good amount of these freelance writing niches are bound to the confines of an office space. But travel blogging is a niche that gets you, literally, up on your feet. It takes time to stand out as a travel blogger, but it is well worth the effort and leads to some pretty incredible life experiences.

Travel bloggers bring the world’s finest sights, sounds, and destinations right to their readers’ fingertips. Just by scrolling, travel bloggers envelop their readers in a world beyond the boundaries of the one they know. Furthermore, they fuel people’s drive to explore while teaching them how to do it right.

While a big financial and personal investment, travel blogging is a fruitful avenue for freelance writers. Travel all the time isn’t required, but clients will pay handsome sums for their writers to describe their real, first-hand experiences.

If you’re stuck at home and can’t travel for the time being, use places you’ve been to in the past. You’ve probably got a few photos or videos lying around, and you can source license-free photos to pad out the narrative. 

eBook writing

Much like academic writing, this freelance writing niche involves long-form projects that both take time but pay well. As the world drives further into the digital age, eReaders, and handheld tech in general, is more accessible than ever. Therefore, more people are picking up eBooks.

eBook writing refers to the freelance writing niche where writers quite literally adapt novels for the digital format. Whether you write your own stories or pen them in another’s name, eBook writing is a great opportunity for freelancers looking to flex their creative muscles.

Moreover, the content you write for eBooks varies greatly. Thus, it makes for a great opportunity for writers to try their hand in different genres. For one client, you might be writing a children’s book, and for the other, a romantic novel.

On websites where you find clients, you’ll soon discover that most of these requests are for ghostwritten content. A lot of entrepreneurs and personal branding enthusiasts want to write an eBook to share their knowledge. They have the knowledge but don’t necessarily know how to put it down on paper (or a PDF).

As a result, these types of clients are willing to pay very well for long-form content. Unless you prefer to keep your creative ideas close to you, we recommend this freelance writing niche for any writer that loves creative storytelling.

Resume writing

In an ever changing job market, the way people make resumes for job applications have changed right along with it. Believe it or not, resume writing is an increasingly popular freelance writing niche. Many job hunters alike are looking for ways to spice up their resumes.

Whether it’s a change in formatting, style or audience, the perfect resume makes a world of difference. As a resume writer, you can help people get jobs and get paid for it. 

Moreover, clients may even look to throw in a little extra cash for a cover letter. A resume is almost always required, but cover letters can make all the difference in a job hunt. For these reasons, resume writers are often sought after across freelance websites. 

While resume writing certainly isn’t the most glamorous, they can be quick, easy projects for freelance writers. Also, it couldn’t hurt to provide you with skills for your own resume. 

There are many, many freelance writing niches for you to explore. However, getting started is a deeply-involved process. But, choosing a niche and perfecting it serves as an excellent guide to your future success.

How to choose your freelance writing niche

We listed some great examples above, but the freelance writing niches don’t stop there!

Any freelance writing niche you choose should be one you genuinely enjoy writing about. With practice and patience, you’ll begin to find which niches fit your expertise best.

Below, we take a closer look at how you can do just that. Here is our guide to choosing your freelance writing niche:

1. Understand your passions and expertise

Before jumping in, take the time to consider what you love writing about, and how you can best use your skills. Try your hand at different types of writing to get a feel for what you do and don’t like. Take the time to learn new skills such as SEO to grow your options for a potential freelance writing niche.

As you start to write more content, pay attention to both the feedback you receive and the content you like to write. Find work at the intersection of your skills and passions. Perhaps you are an excellent creative writer or know about email marketing. You could find work you enjoy in copywriting.

There are always clients looking for a wide range of content. Some clients have a lot of flexibility and allow freelance writers to try their hand at multiple niches. Often entry-level, these freelance writer gigs help you find a niche by trying different projects at once.

2. Look for overlapping niches and gaps in the market

As mentioned above, there are ways to discover where your niches overlap. You might enjoy writing articles using SEO keywords with an interest in technology or health. Especially now, clients are looking for writings to provide them with web-ready content in a variety of fields.

Specialties, skills and subjects often overlap. If you are unsure about where that may be in your writing, seek out clients where there are not as many niche writers. It may surprise you what kind of freelance writing niches are.

Digital marketing and financial writing are two such examples. Both can be complicated subjects, so many writers may opt for niches they are more comfortable writing about. That’s perfectly ok! However, these freelance writer niches often pay higher because of their scarcity.

When you find ways to consolidate your niches and to pick out which markets need writers, the pay-off can be quite nice for those who work for it.

3. Start pitching for clients and getting work

Now comes the part where you get your hands dirty. Well, not literally, but to find your ideal pocket of freelance writing you need to put yourself out there. There are clients and employers around the world looking for talented writers to join their teams.

A great place to start is any of these three websites: UpWork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour. Each of these websites provides a service of connecting freelancers to clients and vice versa. You can create a profile, display your niches and skills, and start pitching for clients to get work.

A lot of work is available on those websites, but you can also contact publishers directly and pitch story ideas. Pitching story ideas to magazines or newspapers is great for freelance writers in certain niches. Draft a compelling pitch, concisely explain your story idea, and propose a price for the work you do.

Getting started as a freelance writer comes with challenges. It takes time to get gigs, and some freelance writing niches are flooded with talented writers. Remember to stay persistent. The more work you do, the more you have to demonstrate your skills.

4. Gather testimonials and create case studies

Over time, you’ll build a rather impressive portfolio of freelance writing work. You provided a valuable service to your clients, and you must receive high-quality feedback. The testimonial is a great tool for freelance writers to make the most out of their niche.

When clients can attest to your skills and expertise, you already become a much more desirable candidate for a job. Ask your past clients for testimonials. Follow the company story, build a good relationship and deliver on your work.  In the long run, you can expand your client base built off of your quality content.

Case studies are an excellent way to get on a client’s good side and are a rather useful skill to have. Clients want an in-depth analysis of their operations, strategies and more. As a freelance writer, you can provide that insight and highlight the best examples in the market.

Writing case studies is an excellent freelance writing niche. Additionally, it helps build a good relationship with your client, whom you’ll need a testimonial from later. Get feedback and practice case study writing. You will be well on your way to success.

5. Expand your knowledge and expertise

Of course, being an effective freelance writer is so much more than just making money. Get the most out of your freelance writing and continue to expand your skillset. Every freelance writing niche has renowned writers with great testimonials, so keep working to build knowledge and expertise.

Honing your craft takes time, but it is most effective when you can use your skills and flex your versatility. You already might be one of the best financial writers around. But, no great writer ever benefited from settling for what they know best.

Practice makes perfect, but it never hurts to check out classes where you can improve and learn new skills. If you’re interested in technology and want to learn more about technical writing, taking classes is a great way to become a writer.

It takes time, but once you find your freelance writing niche, you have this handy guide as a reminder of how to be your best. If you enjoyed learning about freelance writing niches, you might be interested in learning more about how to become a writer.