Sales & Revenue Operations Courses

Revenue operations is a new way for businesses to create winning customer journeys.

Rather than having separate departments for marketing, sales and customer success, RevOps is a centralized department meant to create a single, continuous experience.

Want to learn more about sales and revenue operations, or start a career as a Revenue Operations Specialist or Manager? Check out our recommended courses.

Hubspot Academy on Coursera

No matter where you are in your sales career, this specialization with a focus on revenue operations and sales enablement will take it to the next level.

Short Course
3 months
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Queen's University on edX

Learn essential concepts to align marketing and sales strategies, find and qualify customers, and conduct sales conversations.

Pro. Certificate
5 months
Salesforce Revenue Operations course

Customer Experience Design for Customer Success

Salesforce on FutureLearn

CX is the new horizon of digital marketing, and the industry is growing fast. Learn how to improve both customer loyalty and profitability with value-driven CX journeys. Endorsed by Coventry University.

Pro. Certificate
12 weeks
University of Virginia Online Courses

Pricing Strategy Optimization

University of Virginia / Boston Consulting Group on Coursera

Setting the right prices is crucial to business success — but pricing is notoriously tricky. This course will teach you how to price correctly for your market, positioning, and profit margin.

Short Course
4 months
Hubspot Academy
Short Course
2:11 hours
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