Online Artificial Intelligence Courses

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the way we live and work, with applications ranging from self-driving cars and intelligent personal assistants to medical diagnosis and fraud detection. Learning the latest AI techniques and technologies can help you stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

We’ve compiled a list of the top online artificial intelligence courses covering everything from machine learning and deep learning to natural language processing and computer vision.


Google Online Courses

Professional Certificate in Google Cloud Computing Foundations

Google on edX

Get an overview of concepts central to cloud basics, big data, and machine learning, and where and how Google Cloud fits in.

Pro. Certificate
2 months
on Udacity

Learn to leverage the capabilities of deep learning tools to fix complex problems and unlock next-level results for enterprises.

Pro. Certificate
4 months

Learn how the Industrial Internet of Things and smart manufacturing can capture continuous real-time data and boost productivity.

Short Course
3 weeks
Harvard University Online Courses

Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence

In this artificial intelligence course, you’ll learn about machine learning, AI in Python programs and more.

Pro. Certificate
5 months
University of Manchester + NHS on FutureLearn

Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare and how it can be used to support change in the healthcare workforce. Developed by the NHS.

Short Course
5 weeks

This MBA in Artificial Intelligence cultivates the insight required to comprehend, navigate and utilize the flourishing overlap between business and technology, with an ethical, socially conscious approach, which is integral to responsible leadership.

2 years
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